This Is What Bernard “Pretty” Purdie says about Superdrum12:

The Superdrum has incredible projection and dynamic range and sounds great every time I play it without a lot of tweaking.

See Bernard’s Superdrum demo here (46,00 views)




Michael White

Mike white 4 hi resI’m extremely excited about playing Daves Super 12 drums. Normally snares are 8 to 10 lugs but a 12 is awesome. You can really fine tune the drum to sound amazing. Sometimes when you tighten up a drum too tight going for a high pitch sound it can choke the natural sound of the drum. I can crank it without it feeling tight. Super 12 snare drums are ahead of the pack.

-Jan 12, 2015

Haruka Fujii-percussionist with
plays the 12-lug Superdrum

It’s a beautiful piece of work, 12 lugs makes the tuning much easier and keeps the smooth control of the sound quality.”

Visit Haruka Fujii’s website at HarukaFujii.com

Mike Fisher-Los Angeles studio drummer/percussionist with over 700 movie score credits.


mike_fisher_endorserMike Fisher-Los Angeles studio drummer/percussionist with over 700 movie score credits.

“”What a pleasure it is to own and play one of Dave’s Super Drums. The 12 lug system really helps to bring the drum in tune. There is a remarkable difference in sound depending on where you strike the drum with the rim shot being extra hot! His drums also have a very nice and solid cross stick sound. I particularly enjoy his 6 1/2 with the 3 different throw offs. With this system you can easily enjoy multiple snare sounds within one song””

Tony Austin-LA Pro Drummer


New Superdrum endorser-Tony Austin-LA Pro drummer with Salvador Santana, Charles Lloyd and many others

 Joanna Malfatti-LA Pro drummer/percussionist and Educator

“What a great drum! Clear, full, crisp tones. Love it!”




Joel Patterson -LA Pro